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“Video Marketing solidifies your online presence whilst building deep and meaningful relationships with your customers. It adds a personal touch to your brand whilst increasing your conversions!”

– Lilach Bullock, The Best Video Marketing Tips Ever!


If a brand solves a problem, simplicity is the best policy. And if customer's literacy rate is low it's a must. For most migrant workers, sending money home is of utmost importance as this is why they are laboring in the foreign land.  

Our solution was to create “Simple, easy to understand, and call to action based communication.

“IME GARAU” made the difference in the final output 

At the time, remittance was once of the highest contributor to GDP and new companies establishing, IME need a key differentiation why and what IME was.
Similarly IME  positioning itself as “fast, reliable and secured remittance company” But, during course of time even other remittance started positioning in same direction. Due to which, there was not brand differentiation
Maintain market leadership
Maintain top of the mind brand with its key positioning
Create customer confidence

Making IME synonymous to
The act of remittance

IME Garau instantly caught TG's attention with its simplicity and was successful in instilling confidence as a brand. It also resulted in TG's everyday talk replacing the terms like “sending money and receiving money” – ultimately making IME the most trusted brand and the category leader along with top of the mind recall. 

Seeing remittance not
as just an individual act

Every company sees its sales as individual transaction. We helped IME see the larger picture - how these individual IME transaction, beyond helping a family, is in fact leading the nation towards the development. This simple change in perception, gave IME the mileage and boost that helped it be a larger than life brand in comparison to its competitors.  

IME earned the edge in communication and also in image and revenue, of course.

Gratitude is a brand's
Healthiest emotion,
Customers' greatest celebration 


When IME won the prestigious award of Best Remittance Company of Nepal, we showed a great opportunity to IME to communicate the success with their stakeholders, going beyond a press ad.

Instead of showing a proud company thanking its stakeholders for its success we opted to bring the stakeholders ahead taking pride in themselves for making IME No. 1 through the campaign, “I have made IME No. 1”.