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“Video Marketing solidifies your online presence whilst building deep and meaningful relationships with your customers. It adds a personal touch to your brand whilst increasing your conversions!”

– Lilach Bullock, The Best Video Marketing Tips Ever!

A good brief 
fuels great campaign

Sometimes a good brief is to let the agency have its way “Rejuvenate the Brand!... You are the Agency, You Guy tell us how!” said Paul-Olivier Claudepierre, Director – Marketing, Gorkha Brewery (Tuborg, Carlsberg). Treating max as its communication partner and expert, Tuborg boosted the team’s morale to do their best.

The worst thing for a brand
is to be old with time


The research conducted revealed that Tuborg was suffering from a serious image problem. They had positioned as “the Funstarter” to the youths, but in reality, it was being perceived by its core audience as a boring, old peoples beer. 

 “Tuborg is for old geezers who sit at a bar and watch the youngsters having fun!”
-    Sahil Pun (fresh College Grad., enjoying his new found freedom and discovering adulthood)

There was no Fun associated with the brand. The youths, their core TG, were alienated. 


For a brand, with great promise, to rejuvenate
All it needs is to live its promise with the TG


Tuborg was offering the promise of FUN in words, not in deeds. We suggested that it needs to take the brand promise and let its customers feel the promise and believe in it. A major step which can change the brand perception in a short time by creating a lot of conversations on the digital space and change the ‘boring’ perception of its image, was then proposed.

A brand is not the product it’s selling
It is the experience it is offering 


Music has been a part of Tuborg DNA. Serving the “Fun Starts Here” experience through music would be a great platform to rejuvenate Tuborg as music has the instant power to bring the youths together and re-associate the brand with them. We pulled in Nepal’s top bands/ singers and created a series of live event “Tuborg – Let’s Get Loud” to live the Brand Promise of “The Fun Starts Here.”


Creativity is vain
If it doesn’t reach your TG

Alcohol advertising is banned in mass electronic media. And for this campaign to be successful creating a mass buzz was a must. Further these media are quintessential for giving the campaign a larger than life feel. So we created a surrogate- Tuborg Stage, thus giving the campaign maximum exposure through TV and radio also besides print, social media, BTL and extensive ground activation plan.

When connection is built
Customers become fans


The youths were craving for such musical event and were attracted towards it like crazy. Tuborg became the missing link between them and their music. The brand in real lived “The Fun Stars Here” through the event. Youths were pulled towards Tuborg, they connected with the brand and in the end they came out as Tuborg’s raving fans.

Tuborg –Let’s Get Loud

is till date the biggest brand activation in Nepal with the biggest digital chatter and consolidating the brand as a fun, dynamic brand. Tuborg’s fan followings on Facebook increased phenomenally and the brand was able to indulge the minds of its young beer lovers.

The brand promise was uniquely delivered and firmly reinforced the brands imagery as a fun, young brand with a dynamic expression.