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Creating a new category

If the competition is fierce, Develop an USP
USP is what stands your brand apart. The plethora of noodles brand in the market and their “me too” communication strategy had made customer truly reluctant to the noodles-communication. On trying to find an USP for Preeti, which then was in “buy 2-get 1 free” category, we found that it was actually offering 30 grams more for the price. The communication “30 gram more” was immediately picked by the TG and helped Preeti gain a fair amount of market share.

 “when hungry – have Preeti” backed by its USP “30 grams more”.

Get out of the competition

When the market zigs, you zag. Preeti zagged. When the competitors where fighting the communication battle of “extra protein and vitamin”, Preeti communicated simply, “when hungry – have Preeti” backed by its USP “30 grams more”. This communication lifted noodles customers out from the cluttered communication of “protein and vitamin” and helped them make an easy decision- Preeti. Actually, who’s interested in Protein and Calcium when consuming noodles!

Create a new category

75 grams per pack was the industry standard. Every new noodles also fought for the same segment. Preeti whose mission was to overcome hunger in a delicious way saw that busy people were having noodles as their lunch and one pack was not enough. Preeti saw an opportunity for a big-size pack and developed MEAL PACK offering more noodles with the theme “kohi aba bhoko narahos”. The market took it instantly and a new category in noodles was born. Later all other major noodles industry followed suit.

Inspire your customers. Bhok Jaroori Chha
Once owning the word “hunger” in communication front, Preeti as a brand

needed to take a communication leap in order to move ahead. The result was “Bhok Jaroori Chha” campaign. This campaign turned the biological hunger into psychological hunger. Hunger to eat was translated into hunger to be someone, hunger to do something and hunger to succeed. The brand stayed as a mentor with the philosophy “those who have hunger (psychological) should not stay hungry (biological). The campaign inspired people to have a hunger for their life to make it meaningful. Further it asked people with a hunger for society’s benefit to share their story and started to support them financially.

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