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2pm: Come back with something new and exciting

Reviving  a brand back from the dead

2pm noodles was out of market since last 14 years. However, in noodles industry 2pm is yet remembered. The company had always wanted to bring it back in the market and was looking for an idea to re-launch their once upon a time cash-cow.

Come back with something new and exciting

As the client were looking for a campaign idea, we suggested them a product idea- 2pm in 2x flavor as in the Korean noodles that were gaining popularity in the market and were priced over Rs. 150

Never forget what good thing people remember you for

max l’agence 

The company was excited in the thought and developed 2pm akabare noodles and priced it reasonably at Rs. 50. It was strategically targeted to youths as the main thing people remembered 2pm was for its youthfulness. This brand essence was passed on to the new 2pm.

Similarly 2pm had always created a certain level of excitement in the brand offering.

Promise something promising and live it.

Awesomeness’ is the new promise 2pm is offering to the youths, which it delivers through its variants, taste and other consumer activities which has been highly appreciated by its consumers.

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