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Servo: Aligning it with the brand truth

Going Local: It’s more important for global brands like Servo to go local and it’s a must in the category Servo is in, where there are tens of other global players and hundreds of local players. To top that the purchase decision here is highly influenced by the mechanics.

Rediscovering the product truth

In Nepal, majority of engine oil change is done at the time of servicing. So associating Servo with this event would be a better strategy to be one step ahead from the competition who are in overall communicating about speed, control and performance. Hence getting the brand and one step closer to the TG.

Aligning it with the brand truth

Servo has been promising “100% Performance. Everytime” and this is what customers feel they get from their bike after Servicing. Merging this two gave birth to the idea “SERVOcing” and the communication “Servocing for 100% performance everytime

Right kind of Top of the Mind

“Servocing not just gave servo TOM recall but also gave it at the right time of product use, thus increasing in sales and word of mouth publicity as well.

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