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Chocofun capturing the leadership position

Positioning the brand, where it belongs

Pioneer in chocolate enrobed wafer, Chocofun was an instant success. Kids loved them. However when it was repositioned as chocolate for all ages, the sales dipped. The company then decided to position it exclusively as a kid’s brand. In the new communication, “Sweet moment” as the big idea was presented in “fun and frolic” way. The campaign touched the right chord with its TG and the sales multiplied.

Speaking the
TG’s language

max l’agence

After half a decade of its inception, Chocofun enhanced its packaging design and wanted to communicate it to its consumers. The communication was simple – “Chocofun now in new packaging”. Since we were targeting the kids, we wanted to communicate in their language. We visualized Chocofun getting its new dress, and the excited kids giving it the new pinch.

Moving the brand with the time

A brand moves along adopting the changes in its TG world. By late 2000s, reality shows had picked up and the kids were hooked to musical reality shows. Every kid dreamed to be a STAR. Chocofun incorporated the same feeling into its new campaign, “Oh, my Chocofun” and presented a kid as the star performing to hundreds of people.

Capturing the leadership position
Hurkidaichha Nepal Chocofun ma Ramaaudai

A successful brand is always more than what it physically is. It always creates a value in the society and means something more that the brand might not have even intended. Truly as said – “brands are formed in the mind of the consumer”. And this is what the brand actually is and where its strength lies. In Chocofun case, it had become a celebration of childhood, consuming Chocofun felt like living the childhood to its full. Chocofun had become an integral part of the child’s everyday moments. This is what “Hurkidaichha Nepal Chocofun ma Ramaaudai” showcased and helped Chocofun establish itself as the leader in children brand

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