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Always stick to what you are

A brand without a purpose has no reason to exist

How is a brand making the world a little better place to live? Brand purpose is the answer. Sprite believes in a life full of transparency and freedom so it strives to cut through a fake world of stereotypes and stands against it with its refreshment that clears its TG mind to think straight.

Refresh MAX Mobile Time CHILLAX

A brand solves a problem

A brand’s TG’s pain points change as per the time. Sprite is always in lookout for its TG’s current social tension especially the ones that relates to societal bullshits. Breaking the current societal bullshits is what keeps Sprite contemporary- evolving with the time and focused on its purpose and at the same time.

A brand has a character, a unique voice

Sprite is a straightforward and open-minded brand that communicates/solves its TG problems in a very provocative manner using savvy humor. It teases its audience, makes them think and gives them a fresh perspective to see the world.

Always stick to what you are

With the corona outbreak and the lock-down that followed Sprite’s TG, the teens were bound to stay at home and were adapting themselves to more of the online life-  from online classes to online get-togethers. Sprite observed that the mobile time which was a refreshing getaway from offline societal BS was now the new medium for these BS to seep in- annoying chat groups, fake news, JPT views, stupid posts and stories and what not. It found the problem in mobile time and hence communicated the same in its “Refresh max, mobile time chillax”

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