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Humanizing shivam

What’s your brand’s ‘Communication Capital’

Creating an entirely new proposition for an existing brand that’s doing well is never the right proposition. “What’s the brand’s earned communication capital through its years of existence?” is the key question. We found that Shivam was trying to position itself as a quality cement and was pursuing people with their brand philosophy “You should not compromise on quality”.


Living the brand philosophy

To be an authentic brand a brand must live its philosophy. Not compromising on quality is a good image to communicate to the customers for a cement brand as quality is not something that the customers can easily identify just by seeing or feeling it. That is what the new campaign was built upon – portraying Shivam as a brand that doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality.

Humanizing Shivam Cement
person with non-compromising personality

max l’agence 

Giving Shivam a non-compromising personality while relating it with human emotion was a challenge. Everyone in their real life also compromises on something to move ahead living a harmonious life. However, when we discovered that the same people do not compromise on certain aspects of their life where their identity or reason to exist lies, our idea came to life – “Shivam Cement – Quality ko mamalama NO COMPROMISE

Leading the Quality pack

Shivam was not the only cement to be in the Quality bandwagon- many other cements where also trying to occupy the same image. But the way Shivam communicated it i.e., single mindedly in an authentic and humanistic way, became the differentiator to place Shivam on the top. The campaign showed people from various walks of life not compromising when it comes to their goals, rights, duty, self-respect etc. This not only entertained audience but inspired them as well.

When Idea has legs

Let it run. This is what Shivam did. It plastered the nation with its theme in every activities it did, accumulating more communication mileage with an extraordinary synergy – leading Shivam to be synonymous to

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