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I am Ncell

It’s all about your customers

Acceptance by 7 million customers is no way a small feat. But more than an opportunity to take pride in, its a moment to acknowledge the goodwill of customers trust and confidence in the brand. What does this overwhelming acceptance from the customers tell about the brand? We saw a complementary relationship between ncell and the customers. We saw their love for each other. We saw them as being one and together.

The message was crafted from the voice of customers, their sentiments towards the brand in the form of “(Ncell is me and) I am Ncell”.

Speak the customers’ mind, Win the customer’s heart.

Ncell had become a way of life to the majority. Talking, texting, socializing, sharing, searching, gaming, entertainment consuming- all were incomplete without ncell. In short ncell and its customers were inseparable.

The ‘I am Ncell’ anthem became immensely popular and appreciated. The brand’s rendition of the peoples’ choice in the campaign won over the loyalty of users and invited non-users to join in this every growing happy family

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