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lakshya chha, laxmi bank chha

A brand has a purpose

And the purpose is what guides its internal operation and external communication. When Laxmi Bank asked us to develop an emotional television commercial for them under their slogan “Sabal. Aadhunik. Uttardaayi,” we questioned ourselves, “For whom the brand is? And how does the bank support them?” As this would guide towards why the brand exists.

If you want an emotional connect, better understand the customers

Banking is simple (at least for the customers). You have money, and you want to keep it safe for future use letting it earn more money, you deposit in the bank. And when you don’t have money but need to achieve some sort of financial need, you lend the money from the bank. The irony, its same for all the banks.

If you have set your financial goal, we are there for you

max l’agence 

Differentiate by differentiating your customers

Everyone has their own financial needs, wishes and dreams. But for Laxmi bank we decided to focus on those people who have turned their needs, wishes and dreams into their GOALS, thus defining the TG as the ones determined to pursue their financial Goals. With this categorization the brand will be able to attract their immediate customers ready for action.

The core message being,” if you have set your financial goal, we are there for you”

Brand voice is important in Communicating

The core message is powerful but plain. The brand voice is weak- doesn’t sound like coming from a brand that “sabal. Aadhunik. Uttardaayi”. So turning the message using the brand voice we said

“lakshya chha, laxmi bank chha”

The line not only gave the brand it’s purpose but also helped connect to its TG on an inner level. Today it’s the slogan of Laxmi Bank.

“sabbai ka laagi bank”

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