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Sunrise Bank Swathya Yozana

Curiosity is the key to communication

Curiosity generates Attention and Interest (The first two steps of AIDA – the basic formula for an advertisement construction). Sunrise Bank’s Swasthya Yozana, with its Double Umbrella visual makes use of it very effectively and strongly.

Umbrella has always been a visual symbol of protection for insurance companies. And Sunrise bank was providing double insurance coverage to its every depositor

If  your message is a NAIL, your visual is the HAMMER.

max l’agence 

If  your message is a NAIL, your visual is the HAMMER. The Double umbrella in this campaign worked as the hammer to send the message of double insurance protection features very successfully. Since audience already knew what umbrella symbolized, it was easy for them to digest the double umbrella visual together with the message- that too memorably.

When your HAMMER it good, HAMMER it GOOD. Showing people carrying double umbrella and singing about it in the commercials helped the campaign and its message register into the minds of audience with positive effect, leading to the success of the campaign and the service as well.

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