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Event & Activation

Set the Brand Vibe

l’agence helps brands resonate with customers & work towards creating endearing & memorable experiences.




Event and activation service


we’ve partnered with brands and executed outdoor and non-traditional media, event production as well as an exhaustive range of experiential brand activations.

Whether you’re looking for innovative answers to your media brief, out-of-the-box experiential ideas, event production or anything else in the mix, you will be best understood by our diverse team.

Event and activation 0.1


We push, actually we push hard to direct brands to choose Strategy before Tactics for the success of a campaign.

That’s why we always start with the “why” during our multiple sessions with clients regarding their campaigns. We define goals and objectives before we can create an activation strategy that resonates with customers.

Event and activation 0.2

Consumer engagement and experience

we understand the scope and budget for buckets of all sizes and create memorable live experiences

Small-scale activation campaigns are often some of the most creative. We are fluent in the executions of events and campaigns of all sizes.

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Event and activation 0.3

challenges > ideas > creatives

As a brand activation agency, we do more than design products promotions.

We design solutions to meet and overcome challenges.

Working with new ideas and solutions, every activation and event is unique, and every new project comes with its own logic and execution.

As a brand activation agency we drive results with a combination of strategy, creativity, smooth execution and good old-fashioned thinking outside the box and sometimes creating a whole new box to think out of!

Event and activation 0.4

Multiple channels Execution

Since brand activation can take many forms, we have experience with the variety of avatars – and know exactly how to tailor and integrate them into our campaigns.




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