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Influencer Marketing

Helping transform your brand Influence 

l’agence helps brands transform from nice-to-have to MUST-HAVE-NOW.




Influencer Marketing Services 

Influencer Content Strategy

Influencer Management

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l’agence influencer marketing provides campaign creation to talent management, passing by social media and native ads management. 

Based on your brands goals, we create a tailored and optimal strategy for your brand.

This includes influencer identification, KPIs setup, authentic and native storytelling, management, contracting and detailed reporting & analytics.

Our influencer marketing is powered by four processes:

1. Brand fit
2. Perfect Harmony
3. Content generation
4. Influencer mix

Combined with tracking, monitoring, and measuring

Influencer Marketing 0.1

Brand Fit

Brands are often confused by scale when it comes to how best to use their social media influencers. We believe that influencers need to be brand fit in terms of sentiment, authenticity & lifestyle choices. Results are far more important along with reach. we look at each type of influencer very closely, and recommends a strategy that is tailored to your brand, works within your budget, and delivers real, tangible results as per your marketing objective

+ Defining your TG
+ Set goals
+ Consumer mindset
+ Finding right channels

Influencer Marketing 0.2

Perfect Harmony

We create perfect harmony by putting your target audience at the center. We identify audience personas and the motivations of prospects before crafting customized campaigns for your brands

+ Consumer Road Map
+ Brand relevance
+ Key message
+ Selection of relevant influencer

Influencer Marketing 0.3

Content Generator

Our creative solution that offers brands to identify the best types of influencers suited as per your brand content strategy across platform – Mega, Macro, Micro, Nano, Advocates, Referrers, and Loyalists to helps build and strengthen with the right communication to building meaningful engagement with audience and most importantly get authentic reviews and earned media.

+ Consumer insight
+ Brand association
+ Integration of message
+ Right Channels

Influencer Marketing 0.4

Influencer Mix

Influencers mix solution that offers brands with perfect set of influencers relevant to brand and category with multilinguist to get deeper reach with engaging content to connect for enhanced reach, visibility across different region for improved ROI

+ Brand and category relevance
+ Originality and authenticity
+ Entertainment and engaging quotient
+ Audience validation




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