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Integrated media Optimization 

Helping brands to create a single view of consumer journey with right mix of unified offline and online data approach

l’agence helps you stay in control &insightful of all that you are doing and how your customers are reacting.




Integrated Media Optimization Service 


IMO enable your brand to define and create a consistent consumer journey, combining offline and online data using a unified measurement approach.

IMO develops strategic framework for brands with relevant mix of online and offline media to deliver richer, more engaging and seamless customer experiences that drive real results. 

Integrated Media Optimization 0.1

Media Optimisation Strategy. To be at the Right Place at the Right Time 

Engaging with audience at the right moment to achieve the optimum results is the need of the hour in the existing saturated & cluttered media environment. The consumer journey across multiple media touch points requires an in-depth understanding to develop a strategic framework to deliver communication via the right media mix. The media evaluation process helps us to optimize media spends and re-direct investment to the right medium to meet the desired objectives.

The accumulated data gathered from the offline and online media helps us define a strategic framework to obtain the best results for your objectives. In the strategy implementation, the media placement accurately targets the audience at the right stage of their journey at the right touch point with an immersive consumer experience thereby increasing the engagement rate.

+ Offline & online data integration & analysis
+ Strategic framework with unified media optimization

Integrated Media Optimization 0.2

Optimal Mix

Our tools provide a deeper understanding of each media channel by determining its strength and interaction with the consumers. The flexibility of tools enables in mapping and tracking the patterns in consumer journey and their interactions in that medium. This helps us finetune “OPTIMAL” media mix to ensure the maximum ROI.   

+ Mapping consumer journey & interaction with media
+ Optimal Media Mix

Integrated Media Optimization 0.3

Bridging the Gap

In today’s omnichannel consumer landscape, we help you to integrate online and offline campaigns as per the marketing objective, so that brands can achieve effective result from each medium by combining the speed and precision of digital with the brand-building power of traditional advertising.

+ Implementation strategy with offline & online media integration
+ Defining specific campaign objective from each media

Integrated Media Optimization 0.4

Unified Performance and Analytics

The observations and insights from the implementation provide holistic knowledge on effectiveness and performance of the media. This helps in course correcting the campaign for optimal results in sync with the changing consumer interaction to achieve effective ROI.

Our agile approach helps brand to create a single view of the consumer journey based on offline and online data using unified measurement approach for optimized results.

+ Media touch point and interaction analysis
+ Effectiveness of media ROI
+ Trend In media landscape




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